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We have the best UK prices for digital photo frames - the perfect devices for viewing all your favourite photos at home.

Whether you are looking for a small desktop frame or a large wall-mountable frame, you'll find dozens of top quality units here in a range of different styles and sizes.

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The high-tech way to view all your favourite photographs

Digital photo frames are all the rage these days and more and more people are choosing to use this innovative method of viewing their photographs.

Many come with a handy remote control while others have an LED backlight or ship with a range of on-board transition effects during your photo slideshow including fade in and out, and horizontal or vertical blind.

Digital photo frames are one of the new breed of digital products that are designed to make viewing different media items an easier and more fun experience.

They are great electronic devices that many UK families have opted to buy to display all their photos in one place in their homes.

One of the main appeals of a digital photo frame is that you can have all of your favourite photographs in one place for viewing instead of only being limited to one or having to have multiple frames to view all of them.

Some frames have a motion sensor feature which will turn the device off when no movement is detected in a room after a set period of time.

The frame surround can be made of various materials including glass, chrome, wood, plastic or aluminium and there are dozens of colours to choose from including silver, gold, black, white, pink, blue, yellow, orange, green, red, beige, brown and purple.

You may already be familiar with how these super devices work and maybe you've come across the older style digital frames from a few years ago. But things have come a long way since then.

Today's digital photo frames are so much more advanced than their predecessors that you'll have a tough time choosing one for yourself unless you know what your options are - as well as what your options ought to be.

In a nutshell, you can control a digital photo frame from the other side of the world if you so choose. And we're really not exaggerating.

The wonders of the internet mean every bit of tech reaps the benefits of it these days. You may not actually want to show slideshows to your friends around the world and that if you do, there are easier ways of doing that.

However, it's quite possible that you will want to display a particular album from your Facebook account and play music as the slideshow progresses and listen to the radio when you are not displaying anything. You can even play the occasional (or regular) video when the fancy strikes.

For the right price, all this is possible with a state-of-the-art digital photo frame. And by the way, you should definitely check out if the speakers (when the frame comes with speakers) are mono or stereo.

What should you look for while buying a digital photo frame and what can you expect from such a frame? These are among the questions worth exploring before choosing to buy a digital frame for all your photographs - so let's go over them one by one.

First things first - you want a digital frame to display images, so don't compromise with the pixels. The higher the pixels, the better the display. Yes, if you can afford a 15 inch display or larger that's even better, but not if it does not have more pixels than a 7" frame which it very well may not have.

The minimum that you should go for is  800x480. Some would suggest a lesser 'minimum' (such as 480x234), but digital photo frames can hardly display a half million pixels while the modest 5mp digital image from your point and shoot digital camera has five million!

Yes, you got that right - digital photo frames cannot match up to real prints, but don't let that worry you. With a good enough frame, you will hardly find anything to complain about.

The appeal lies in the slide shows that make it possible for you to show your five-year-old son or daughter through all of those five years of their young life - growing up from a bundle of joy to the naughty little creature that they are now, and that, to all of your guests at once.

Sure, you can do that with a computer monitor or a TV, but do you really want to? A photo frame is a photo frame, and that's what you need when you wish to liven up a party or even amuse yourself in leisurely moments.

The enjoyment comes from the dedicated nature of the tech when you don't have to plug this or that in and put in extra time and effort to view those images.

Having said that, frames with a TV out connection or an HDMI port can be helpful for those occasions that really warrant a bigger and more high definition viewing.

Store images on your photo frame’s memory card

Speaking of plugging it in, some photo frames are wireless (no surprise there!) and if you like the aesthetics and prefer the portability, you might want to begin with those. Don't compromise on the pixels, however, no matter what you finally choose.

The controls usually come in the form of small buttons (unless they are touchscreen in which case they sense your finger and light up) and preferably placed on the top of the frame rather than behind it.

The point, however, is that the display should function without a noticeable lag. This is where many a pretty frame will fall short of your expectations, so check out this aspect in a description of a frame's features before buying.

You can have around 400 jpeg images on a 1gb memory stick. Keep that in mind when looking at the in-built memory of the digital photo frame of your choice.

Some frames have no internal memory. If you happen to choose any of those, you will simply need to plug in removable media like a flash drive (and keep it there for the duration of the slideshow).

A range of memory card formats are supported on digital frames including SD,MMC,MS and SDHC - and there are many which come with a USB port for connecting a flash drive memory stick.

If the frame comes with wifi, you can stream images from wherever you like via the internet. Some frames come permanently connected to a particular cellular phone network at no extra charge instead of being wi fi enabled.

Wherever there is network coverage, you can do pretty much everything that you can over a wi-fi connection. Look out also for bluetooth enabled frames if versatility in the connections department is your priority.

A frame will usually hold anywhere from a few to several thousands of photos depending on the memory options. Storage devices are really cheap these days so it doesn’t cost much at all to able to store a massive number of images on a frame.

It is great to be able to connect your phone to a digital photo frame should the occasion arise. But of course, all these features come at a price and always remember your own requirements instead of getting carried away with fancy features that you may soon weary of or find little or no use for.

A cheap photo frame will cost under £20 and it's even less if you just fancy owning a small key ring digital frame for showing family photos to your family and friends when out and about. But you can expect to pay a lot more if you want a high specification frame packed with all the latest high-tech features.

There are three more appealing features that deserve a mention - wall mount, frame styles with the option for changing the inserts and, of course, the remote control.

We know it seems as if the remote is a given, but often, it is not. Even if the controls work great, a remote is always welcome especially for those times when you just don't want to leave the sofa to start of photo gallery slideshow running in your home!

In the case of a wall mount digital photo frame, it may be best to choose a wireless one unless you are not bothered by the sight of an adapter cord trailing down the wall.

The option to change frame inserts will come in handy if you are picky about the decor and wish to match the frame exactly to the new upholstery or the newly painted walls.

As mentioned earlier, don't lose track of your priority, which means getting yourself a frame with the best pixel count possible. Obviously a digital photo frame is first and foremost for viewing photos so you should ensure you are getting the best you can afford when it come to image quality.

An electronic photo frame really is a great space saver as it can present a slideshow of hundreds photos - just imagine how many photo albums you would need to look through that number of pictures when friends or family come to call at your home?

These digital frames for photos are a great addition to any desk and also make great gifts for birthdays. Christmas and other special occasions. For example, How about rounding up all your favourite family photos to display in a digital frame for your parents on their Golden Wedding Anniversary?

You could even load up a digital frame with all your holidays photos and set a slideshow running in the cold winter months to remind you of the fun times you had in the summer sun.

As you can see, digital photo frames really are the way to go for displaying all your images in one place - investing in one of these handy digital devices is one purchase you certainly won’t regret.

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Compare prices for Digital Photo Frames

Display all your photos in one digital frame

We feature a huge range of top quality digital photo frames from leading UK stores.

You no longer need to dig out a tatty old photo album when you want to look at photos of family and friends which bring the wonderful memories of yesteryear flooding back - a digital photo frame really is the modern way to view your photos.

We have an impressive range of digital frames from leading UK stores including Argos, Tmart, Amazon, Homebase, Tesco, Memory Bits, Woolworths, Pixmania, Light in the Box, Ebay and Currys.

You'll find all the top brand names here for digi-frames including Sony, NIX, Kodak, Agfa, Angelbubbles, Bush, Texet,  Laptop Kit, Kingston, Digiflex, LOGIK, KitVision, Yarrashop®, nixplay and Koolertron.

The range of digital frames available these days is mind-blowing - you really are spoilt for choice when it comes to on-board features.

You can even buy a frame which is built into an alarm clock!  

Frames are available in many different sizes from small to extra large so you'll have no problem finding one that meets your needs in our range.

Among the most popular sizes are 7 inch, 8 inch, 10 inch, 12 inch and 15 inch.